Yang Wong
Heya   (・_・)

I work closely with others to form and execute all kinds of interactive projects at a high quality with a solid track record of delivering to deadlines.

I’ve created numerous websites, apps, platforms, tools, games and installations, most with a keen focus on design, motion and creativity, while solving significant technical challenges.

For over a decade I’ve led and been led as part of larger teams in a front, back, fullstack, and design capacity.

Perhaps we can collaborate too!

You can view my work history + recommendations here or on LinkedIn.

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Worm World

iPad + Web Game

An arcade / educational game about worm farms for Australia's largest local government authority, Brisbane City Council (BCC).

Available on iPad & online.

More info, view the collection, or play online (requires Flash).

For Khemistry
  • Lead Developer
  • Game Design
  • Game Engine
  • Game Dev
  • Coproducer
  • AS3
  • AIR
  • Flash
Worm World title screen
Worm World omgsomanythings
Worm farm gone real bad…
Worm World progress screen