Yang Wong
Heya   (・_・)

I love making interactive digital things that solve problems, that help educate, that entertain, that enable expressions of creativity, which are creative, playful, have keen aesthetics, are useful, usable, and robust, and I love creating them as part of a team.

For over a decade I've been making these things for and with others, initially in a startup research environment - then at a digital creative agency - and now more recently as a fulltime freelancer to agencies and startups.

Whether it's a website, game, app, tool, or something in between or beyond, perhaps we can collaborate!

You can view my work history + recommendations here or on LinkedIn.

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iPad + Web Game

A tower defence style / educational game about rain gardens for Australia's largest local government authority, Brisbane City Council (BCC).

Available on iPad & online.

More info, view the collection, or play online (requires Flash).

For Khemistry
  • Lead Developer
  • Game Design
  • Game Engine
  • Game Dev
  • Asset Coordinator
  • AS3
  • AIR
  • Flash
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