Yang Wong
Heya   (・_・)

I work closely with others to form and execute all kinds of interactive projects at a high quality with a solid track record of delivering to deadlines.

I’ve created numerous websites, apps, platforms, tools, games and installations, most with a keen focus on design, motion and creativity, while solving significant technical challenges.

For over a decade I’ve led and been led as part of larger teams in a front, back, fullstack, and design capacity.

Perhaps we can collaborate too!

You can view my work history + recommendations here or on LinkedIn.

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Colour Theory

Toy / Game

A toy-like Flash game created in a day.

Friends liken it to an interactive screensaver. Fair call as the game mode "Theory" is quite lacking.

Please try the sandbox mode "Freedom" instead (Flash required).

Should really port this to a codepen one of these days.

Personal Project
  • Creator
  • Game Dev
  • Game Design
  • AS3
  • Flash
Colour Theory screenshot
Colour Theory screenshot
Colour Theory screenshot